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Jul 09, 2020
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Hi team here is some open discussions i would like to share in my home work post. So question was which Model we will use to build a best buy new project agile or waterfall. I would like to chose agile model because the waterfall model is suppose to used in high stake situations where can be more then one death such as military operations or hospital . Also waterfall model is very clear and straight forward . On the other hand the agile model used customer satisfactions due to rapid delivery of software , which is seems more applicable for build a best buy new page . Also agile model isn't permanent unlike waterfall , you are allowed to go back and make changes. In order to failure a good website that adopts to the changes of customer satisfactions , changes are necessary .Also agile allowed to review sprints by sprints . Thanks hopefully i able to put some different between agile vs waterfall model. Please fell free to make any corrections or comments .thanks


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