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IT Solutions

INNSIRE is a US-based information technology company providing consultancy and support. Companies are often frustrated by the effort and cost it takes to complete Information Technology projects. INNSIRE eliminates the need for chasing, minimizes the cost, and completes the project in time. Over the years, INNSIRE provided the best solution to the IT industry in a timely manner. With our certified experienced crews and state-of-art technology, you can spend less time monitoring and managing an IT project. Present us your company challenge, we will make sure to provide you the best solution.


                                                                                                          WHAT WE DO 

Smart Watch

Custom Application Development Services

We rely on our technological expertise to develop any type of web, mobile, desktop app per your business requirements. Read More
Video Editing
Website Maintenance Services
Whether you’re looking for a monthly, hourly, or after-hours website maintenance plan, INNSIRE provides ... Read More
Analyzing the data
Data Analysis and Visualization
To us, without the big picture, data analysis often felt like seeking out a light switch in the dark; you might find the switch... Read More
Large Screen
Agile Framework Installation
Change how you want to see your work at any time with card view (Kanban), Gantt chart ... Read More
Server Installation
The Net Maneuver Commander (NMC) is a research prototype cyber command and control system that constantly maneuvers .. ... Read More
Data Cloud
Cloud Computing
Discover How INNSIRE cloud Computer Services Delivers a Unified & Secure Workspace. .. Read More

Professional Training

Besides being an IT solution provider company, INNSIRE is also a professional skill development training institution. We believe every person deserves better work conditions, payment, and career growth. Therefore, we came up with the solution of bridging the gap from present to future. 


                                                                                                          WHAT WE OFFER

Basic Computer Skill
With courses for beginners to power users taught by INNSIRE’s certified instructors, you can gain the skills you need in the features and functions of the Microsoft 365 suite, including Excel, Access, Project, Office 365, and Office 2016. Our networking courses and virtualization training can give your team the needed skills to keep things flowing smoothly. Learn to deploy, install, and troubleshoot networks and virtual machines. Or, gain product-specific skills on F5's Big-IP or virtualization with Citrix.  Enhance your credentials with networking certifications like CompTIA Network+ or A+. Read More ...  
SQA (Manual )

This practical course offers an in-depth exploration of your role as a Test Analyst within the testing process. This course will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to sit the ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst Certificate (CTAL-TA) multiple-choice exam.

You, Will, Learn How To : Perform the appropriate testing activities based on the software development life cycle being used. Read More...

SQA (Automation - Selenium)
This mid- to advanced-level workshop is designed to teach automation testers and developers the functionality of Selenium and how to begin the process of building an automated framework. This workshop is offered as a series of hands-on “projects” that require participants to understand, design, and implement components of an automated testing framework. Learn More ...
UFT (1).png
SQA (Automation - UFT)
Learn QTP/UFT Automation Testing tool and learn VB Scripting from Industry-leading expert trainer by enrolling in the Online QTP/UFT Training Course. We will give training on QTP/UFT Training Tutorials to learn Automation Testing using QTP/UFT and is conducted in an easy to understand manner for beginners and intermediate level learners. In this UFT Training session, you will learn: • UFT Installation Instructions • UFT Tool Overview. Read More...
Learn advanced JMeter and become a load testing pro in no time with these JMeter tutorials. By the end of this series of articles and video tutorials, you would be able to understand the basic concepts of JMeter, how to send requests and modulate load factors, how to use assertions to validate responses from the server, and real-time example which can be implemented in your live projects. Read More...
Data Analytics
This Data Analyst program in collaboration with IBM will make you an expert in data analysis. In this Data Analytics course, you'll learn analytics tools and techniques, how to work with SQL databases, the languages of R and Python, how to create data visualizations, and how to apply statistics and predictive analytics in a business environment. Read More..
Database Admin
Learn how to become a database administrator with Pluralsight’s professionally authored database administration (DBA) courses. Our authors, top experts in this field, offer real-world experience and consultative insights not found elsewhere. Learn the tricks of the trade-in all of the major database platforms, including Oracle, SQL, and more. Our database admin courses cater to all types of DBAs, including systems DBAs, development DBAs and application DBAs. Read More..
INNSIRE's "REST API" course will help you understand the concept of RESTful APIs and show you the implementation of REST APIs'. In this course, discover what REST APIs are, why they matter, and how putting them to use can help you build faster, more efficient applications. Review how HTTP and REST APIs relate, explore the six constraints of REST, and learn about HTTP status messages. Learn how to get started with consuming REST APIs to incorporate them into data-driven applications. Read More..

Staffing & Recruiting

Innsire presents talented candidates and teams with expertise in IT projects and resilient to our client environment. We work with business leaders and elite clients to deliver professional folks in a company position in collaboration with HR. We help our client into consideration their requirement to manage to recruit skilled employees, training, onboarding, payroll, benefits, and much more. Our expert professional team maintains a perfect quality in staffing and client satisfaction.  
Right people in the correct place bring achievement for any business and Innsire works to see client success by the professional employees.  
Innsire gives diverse staffing services to clients to ensure that they fulfill requirements, adjust with their working environments, and make sure client benefits. We recruit applicants and evaluate in analyzing every single demand from our clients. We also help our client to design the most effective staffing package for new business and hiring staff, training, and proper actions to retain important management for company accomplishments. 
Innsire helps contract staffing, contract to hire, direct hire, and high-volume contract management. Read More ..

IT Consulting, Training and Job Placement services

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