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Learn Python with Programming Training Classes


Course Description :

Python is a popular object-oriented programming  language available as open-source software.  Its readability, versatile  data types, uncluttered visual layout, and extensibility to other  programming languages make it well suited for web development, machine  learning, finance, marketing, data analysis, and other data science  applications.  The Python programming language is  versatile and often used for both large-scale data analysis and data  visualization projects, and automate smaller tasks in marketing and  finance like web scraping and computation.

Python is used just about everywhere,  Google, NASA,  Yahoo, YouTube, IBM, Microsoft, and others.  Python isn't just for data  scientists or Python developers either, marketing professionals, CFO's,  computer science professionals and more can all benefit from learning  Python.  Our expert instructors can take you beyond what a bootcamp or  textbook can offer, including everything you need to be prepped for the  Microsoft certification: MTA (Microsoft Technical Associate 98-381): Introduction to Programming Using Python.  With ONLC you pick the training format that's best for you.

Prerequisite :

The only prerequisite for Python Scripting is dedication to learn, and interest in programming.

Next step is to learn Python basics and get them strong. 

See others' scripts, try to automate small stuffs, think to minimize different tasks.

Python scripting is really fun and seeing things happen automatically is exhilarating.

Try to inculcate the habit of code reading and documentation and look to practice regularly.

Prerequisites are actually none what you need is dedication and willingness to learn.

What You will Learn Here:

INNSIRE Python classes range from an introductory course on Python for  Non-Programmers to advanced applications of Python 3 programming, Python  for data science, and more.  Our Python courses will teach you:

  • Data structures and data sets

  • Python modules like NumPy, Panda, and Pillow

  • Programming skills for joining Python with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, flask, and Django for web development and web applications

  • Python for deep learning,  data science, and machine learning

  • Syntax

  • Strings and console output

  • Functions

  • Regular expressions

  • JSON

  • APIs

  • Binary data

Advanced Python Courses

If you've mastered the basics of Python, advanced courses from ONLC  Training Centers can help take your skills as a Python developer or data  scientist to the next level.  Our live, instructor-led classes or our  self-study On-Demand training can give you the Python programming skills  to advance your career like:

  • Binary, Unary, and Comparison operators

  • Linked lists

  • Threads

  • Class-object construction

  • Class relationships

  • SQLAlchemy

  • Software development

  • Django

  • Clustering

  • Pandas

Topics :

Python Instructor-led Classes:

Python Programming - New to Programming
Python Programming Level 1: Introduction for Non-Programmers

Python Core Courses
Python Programming Level 1: Introduction for Programmers
Python Programming Level 2: Advanced Programming Techniques
Python for Data Science Series
Python Programming Level 3: Data Science Techniques with  NumPy and Pandas

Python On-Demand (self-study) :

Python Core Courses
Python Programming On-Demand: Level 1-Introduction for Programmers
Python Programming On-Demand: Level 2-Advanced Programming Techniques
Python Programming On-Demand: Comprehensive (Introduction for Programmers & Advanced Programming Techniques)

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